Location : Sao Paolo, Brazil

We are looking for an engineering professional with the following qualities:

  • Dynamic and proactive with a desire to work in an international startup environment;
  • Able to act on several fronts and motivated to accomplish and exceed targets;
  • Comfortable working in a lean structure, working remotely, working independently, with little senior support and in a matrix organization that is just starting to grow;
  • Understands the importance of confidentiality and discretion in a start-up focusing on cybersecurity.
  • Mandatory:

– Experience in the AWS cloud infrastructure and, if possible, Azure and others, with the ability to design the hosting requirements of a global SaaS solution with a focus on application scalability, security, resilience, maintainability, supervision, cost-efficiency, redundancy and ease of duplication in another cloud infrastructure if necessary.

– Very fluent written and spoken English (not just professional). Spanish and Portuguese are desirable and French would be a plus.


CyferAll and its Culture

  • Cyferall is a young French startup that has a revolutionary post-quantum crypto-system for data protection with many different enterprise use cases.  Its crypto-system can be installed as an application on any computer or device to protect against the sophisticated cyber-attacks of today and the quantum computing attacks of tomorrow.  Quantum computers are based on quantum physics concepts that will allow them to compute 150 million times faster than the supercomputers on the market today and thereby break all current data protection techniques.  The CyferAll crypto-system protects against all known and forthcoming levels of computing power.


Summary of the top 4 essential characteristics to be selected

  1. Very fluent written and spoken English (not just professional)
  2. Experience with the design, implementation, and operation of a SaaS AWS cloud solution
  3. Independent, takes the initiative, self-taught person who can perform without constant support from a senior person and understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion when it comes to a start-up and its activities. Motivated to achieve results!
  4. Aligned with the culture of a startup, that is, proactive, inquisitive, problem-solver, constantly learning, success-oriented and willing to take on the tasks needed to get the job done and bring to the market a technology that will revolutionize the world!
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