At CYFERALL, protecting your privacy is at the heart of our business, in fact, it is the heart of our business. All CYFERALL technology has been designed with complete customer privacy as the benchmark; we are true believers in Privacy by Design.

To That End,

CYFERALL has integrated customer privacy into its technology, platforms, applications, processes and procedures – it is in our DNA

The underlying design of CYFERALL’s technology makes it impossible for CyferAll to access or share any files or voice/video communications encrypted using CYFERALL technology

CYFERALL does not share customer or visitor activity on its website and does not use cookies or any related browser technology

CYFERALL highly recommends against using any personal information or personal information-inspired words or concepts in the choice of a user identifier but if you do, then know that Cyferall designed its technology with GDPR in mind and any such information will be stored and available to you as required by GDPR and not used for any commercial purposes… ever

CYFERALL strongly supports the concept of self-sovereign identity so it will never make any commercial use of or share any data it is provided – your data and your identity are yours and yours alone.

Zero by-pass
Redefining end-2-end encryption
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