CyferAll licenses its post-quantum zero-trust cryptosystem (CyferDome) which is made up of its two key technological innovations: (i) a secure enclave-based software architecture and its protocols (RAM2RAM) and, (ii) a quantum-resistant symmetrical encryption algorithm (D8Athrust).   These two technologies are combined with the NIST-selected algorithms for post-quantum asymmetrical encryption (CRYSTALS-kyber) and digital signature (CRYSTALS-dilithium) to create a fully-integrated turn key cryptosystem that can form the basis of a new data protection architecture or to replace ineffective or obsolete technology that must protect data “in use”, “at rest” or “in transit” unconditionally.

  • True “end-to-end” encryption that completely by-passes the use of the browser
  • Creation of secure enclaves within random access memory (RAM)
  • Absolute protection of data “in use”, data “at rest” and data “in motion” using a post-quantum encryption algorithm
  • Use of an innovative “contributive” architecture in which various discrete servers participate anonymously to the user onboarding and login processes
  • Use of a fully-distributed architecture with no single points of failure or central points of reliance
  • A unique implementation of the Vernam-Mauborgne OneTime Pad (OTP) ciphering concept with a unique hashing-use model that provides unconditional protection
  • Lightning speed encryption for data that is nearly 200 times faster than its nearest competitor (AES-256) yet encrypts symmetrically at 512-bits
  • Ideal for large size real-time video files that require high speed encryption to ensure image quality and ultra-low latency
  • Resistant to side-channel attacks
  • Post-quantum protection


  • Replacing existing DRM encryption technology to provide 512-bit and post-quantum protection to eliminate piracy
  • Replacing existing conditional access architectures with CyferAll’s expanded Zero Trust Architrecture to eliminate piracy
  • Integrating CyferAll’s encryption technology into Direct-to-Home solutions in order to reduce piracy
  • Integrating CyferAll’s encryption technology in existing and forthcoming chip reference designs
  • Integrating CyferAll’s encryption technology with existing secure email providers seeking to significantly increase their level of protection and protect against the post-quantum threat
  • Integrating CyferAll’s encryption technology into Content Delivery Networks and Managed File Transfer networks to eliminate the risk of piracy and hacking
  • Integrating CyferAll’s encryption technology and expanded Zero Trust architecture into intelligent vehicle and drone communication systems to mitigate the risk of hacking
  • Integrating CyferAll’s encryption technology in intelligence-related devices whose communications must be protected unconditionally

Please contact CyferAll for more information on the pricing associated with its CyferDome Licensing.

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