Cyferall proposes an enterprise-grade SaaS platform that protects data, stored files, emails, texts, voice calls, video calls and video conferencing sessions. The level of protection is based on post-quantum encryption. The SaaS platform architecture expands the NIST’s SP 800-207 Zero Trust model and the notion of “End-to-End” encryption by creating and restituting data within secure enclaves. CyferAll calls its SaaS platform D8Alock and its stored data encryption technique D8Ashield.









• Intuitive UI/UX 

– Configurable font and character size
– Customisable to include corporate logo, colours and identity 

• Unparalleled Protection for Data at Rest, In Use & in Motion 

– Decentralised architecture, based on the zero-trust paradigm
– Post-Quantum algorithms
– Full implementation of GDPR requirements

• Resilience 

– High availability SaaS service
– Fully redundant hosting for primary and back-up systems with dynamic failover
– Best-in-class resistance to DDOS attacks
– Very low latency encryption 

• Comprehensive Reporting 

– Metered utilisation tracking and reports
– Enterprise usage analytics by service, user and time-stamp
– Individual usage reports by service and time-stamp
– Report search function 

• Privacy by Design / GDPR compliance

– No access to or otherwise an ability for CyferAll to scan / analyze customer data transiting on its platform

• Alerts & Notifications 

– Metered utilisation threshold alert
– Contacts’ presence status notification
– Text, messages, document contribution notifications
– Delivery receipts for chat & email 

• Administration 

– Multi device / multi-OS on Desktop (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) and Mobile (Android, iOS)
– Multi-tenant architecture with option to delegate on-boarding rights to enterprises
– True Single Sign-On process to log in once and access all services
– Secure stand-by process to quit all services in one click 

• System Requirements 

– 450Mb Hard Disk free Space
– 8GB RAM Memory
– Linux Kernel 5 / Catalina / Windows 7 or later OS versions
– Built-in or external Camera/Speakers/Mic 


What is CyferAll’s purpose and what does it deliver?

CyferAll’s purpose is to protect a customer’s digital  assets and electronic communications from cyber criminals using the most advanced classic computers and quantum computers. To do so, CyferAll leveraged its innovative technology to develop an application called D8Alock. When hosted on a device, the D8Alock application delivers its own services to provide a seamless post-quantum level of protection for all digital assets and communication channels:

    1. File use & storage
    2. Instant messaging
    3. Emailing
    4. Audio calls (one to one and one to many)
    5. Video calls (one to one and one to many)
    6. Large file transfers

What devices support CyferAll’s D8Alock?

The D8Alock application can be installed on most any fixed or mobile smart device including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones (Android & iOS). Once the application is installed, communications originating from that application and assets encrypted with that application, are protected at a post quantum level.

How is CyferAll’s D8Alock installed on a device?

Although D8Alock is an enterprise-focused application, it echoes the same installation approach as many other consumer-based communication applications like What’sAPP, Zoom and Signal. A pre-approved user can simply download the D8Alock application onto their device(s) and initiate self-installation by a few menu selections and entry of a unique key. This process initiates a remote authentication process with CyfeAll’s backend platform after which the D8Alock application self-loads onto the device and is ready to use within minutes. Given CyferAll’s enterprise focus, it may also be your company IT team that will install and configure the D8Alock application on each employee device.

Once installed, the D8Alock application will appear on the user’s  device in the same manner as any other application.  It can be opened when needed, paused or closed if not needed. The ability to engage in highly secure confidential communications using D8Alock will co-exist on an employees’ device(s) with less secure clients like Outlook, Gmail, What’App, Zoom and the like meaning that the company will have the flexibility to decide when an employee must invoke the need for secure communications.

How to use CyferAll’s D8Alock services

Once the D8Alock application is installed on a user’s device(s), he/she can immediately navigate the menu system which utilizes familiar icons. Files can then be immediately encrypted and decrypted to post quantum levels by a few user selections. Secure communications with other D8Alock authenticated users within your group requires an initial two-way key exchange, that is managed by CyferAll’s backend platform. Once successful and without the need for any follow-on key exchanges, the connected users can communicate seamlessly using services provided by the CyferAll application, be it by email, phone, text, or real time video conferencing, with the reassurance of real-time post quantum protection.

How will CyferAll be deployed in my business?

A pilot deployment

To deploy CyferAll in your business, the very first step involves a pilot.  The pilot deployment is strongly recommended since it allows our CyferAll deployment team to work closely with your senior management and IT departments to:

      • Share the fundamentals in protecting digital assets and communications from cyber-threats;
      • understand your business’ overall post quantum data security strategy;
      • Identify the criteria to apply in selecting the employees within your business that will be eligible to use the CyferAll platform; and
      • Identify the information and communications that need to be secured.

As part of the pilot deployment the customer will identify 20 employees who regularly manage sensitive data and engage in confidential communications. A protocol will be agreed between the customer and CyferAll that defines the parameters of the pilot which may include the services to be tested by the 20 employees, the features expected, the ease of user experience, the level of performance and the CyferAll platform service level availability.  Once the terms of the pilot are agreed, CyferAll’s project management team will work with the customer’s IT team to identify the 20 pilot participants, identify the data to be protected, provision the customer on the CyferAll SaaS platform, install the D8Alock application on the participating employees’ computers and mobile phones (or have the participants self-install) and provision all 20 participants as contacts within each participant’s address book.

Once the pilot participants’ equipment has been prepared, then a 1-day training session led by CyferAll will be held with all participants and the customer IT team to talk through the essential D8Alock features.

Pilot testing

During the pilot, two aspects of the D8Alock application will be tested:

    1. the user-level features, and
    2. the enterprise-level dashboards & alerts.

To test the user-level features, the participants will place calls to each other, organize video conferences, engage in chat sessions, send emails, encrypt files, place calls from their desktop softphone and their mobile phone, judge the quality of the videos, the quality of the audio, the speed of email delivery and chat messages and otherwise test all of the D8Alock features to ensure that D8Alock meets feature and usability expectations while allowing for digital assets and communications to be protected at a post-quantum level from cyber threats.

To test the enterprise-level dashboards & alerts, the activity generated by the 20-users will lead to real-time reporting to the enterprise IT team providing information such as services used, duration of use, employees using the service, anomalies reported, CyferAll platform availability and the cost of services incurred at any point in time ; additional tailored reporting can be agreed. To test alerts, the participants will be asked to engage in unauthorized activity that will either freeze-out the user and/or send alerts to company-designated contacts; tailored alerts can be agreed.

At any time, the participants or the customer’s IT team can call CyferAll technical support directly with any questions or if the customer prefers, all questions can be filtered through the customer’s IT team.

Pilot Duration

Depending on the size of the enterprise customer, the pilot can run for 3 or 6 months. The purpose of the pilot is to achieve complete customer satisfaction with respect to the D8Alock services while collecting feedback as part of CyferAll’s continuous improvement program.

A Harmonious Experience and Seamless Transition

The use of the D8Alock services is no different than the use of any other communications, messaging, email or data encryption/ storage client except that in our case, the user interface manages services currently provided by multiple customer suppliers, meaning that the users will now have one central application in which to engage in the management of sensitive data and communications.

Once the pilot has successfully completed, the customer can seamlessly transition to a permanent installation and scale to any number of authorized employees, whether it be hundreds or hundreds of thousands, at any customer locations around the globe.

Please contact CyferAll for more information on D8Alock and how it can help protect your digital assets and communications.


  • Protection against competitive / industrial espionage
    – Securing voice/video and messaging communications between employees and their authorised contacts to avoid leaks on commercial, financial and R&D information
    – Unconditional protection of stored data
  • Protecting the transfer of sensitive financial data transferred over public networks
  • Recording and storing legal data (depositions, due diligence, testimony, settlements …) using unconditional protection
  • Complying with regulatory requirements imposing specific levels of protection for voice, video and data communications within government-supervised entities
  • Protecting stored medical data
  • Protecting the exchange of aircraft maintenance, repairs and operations data
  • Protecting the exchange of training, maintenance and repair video exchanges and data relating between energy providers and their employees / consultants

Please contact CyferAll for more information on the pricing associated with its D8Alock services.

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