1. To protect data “in-the-clear” while it is accessed on a device, CyferAll offers a unique Zero-Trust software architecture that reduces the attack surface by creating a secure enclave in RAM from which all data “in use” is processed. (RAM2RAM)

2. To offer unbreakable protection to data exiting the secure enclave for storage, for file delivery or as a real-time audio/video stream, CyferAll applies its high-speed post-quantum (PQ) symmetrical encryption algorithm. (D8Athrust)

The two are combined with the NIST standard for post-quantum asymmetrical encryption (CRYSTALS-Kyber) and digital signature (CRYSTALS-Dilithium) to create a fully-integrated cryptosystem we call the CyferDome.

Building on its CyferDome technology, CyferAll has developed its own application called D8Alock, available as a B2B SaaS service, that provides a business user with an entirely secure FILE ENCRYPTION, EMAIL, CHAT, PHONE (desktop + mobile) and VIDEO CONFERENCING service having a post-quantum level of protection and that will co-exist with customary applications (Outlook, Teams, Skype, WhatApp etc.)

Crypto System Technology based on 3 principles.

Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

Conceived with user data privacy and GDPR requirements in mind, CyferAll’s crypto system technology cannot access or share any user data or voice/video communications. Your data and your identity are yours and yours alone.

Technology Zero-Trust Architecture

Expanded Zero-Trust Model

Zero-Trust Architectures were recommended by the NIST in response to severe cyber hacking incidents. CyferAll expands the Zero Trust Architecture beyond networking by offering an Software-Defined Perimeter to protect data and authenticate users.

Technology: information creation to information restitution

From Creation to Restitution

CyferAll offers a post quantum crypto system with real-time capabilities for high throughput, low latency data stream encryption within secure enclaves in RAM and resistant to quantum computing.

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